What Happens to Tangible Personal Property When Settling an Estate

/ By: Colleen Sinclair Prosser, Estate Planning Attorney

Category: Capital Gains, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Executor, Inheritance Planning, Trusts, Wills

 Part of the process when settling an estate after someone has died is to consider their tangible personal property, i.e. furniture, jewelry, china, crystal, artwork, electronics, and vehicles.  The first duty of the representative of...

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“Casey Kasem – A Victim of Elder Abuse?”

/ By: Jon J. Gasior

Category: Elder Law, Estate Planning, Guardianship, Healthcare Directives, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Incapacity Planning, Living Trusts, Living Wills, Medical Directive, Powers of Attorney, Revocable Living Trust, Trusts

  Many of you are familiar with the name Casey Kasem. His voice brings about memories of American Top 40 radio and pop culture through the decades. Unfortunately, that name now conjures images of court battles,...

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Why Traditional Estate Planning May Not Be the Answer

/ By: Nicole Livingston, Estate Planning Attorney

Category: Asset Protection, Blended Families, Division of Assets, Divorce Protection, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Family Access Trust, Family Sentry Trust, Family Wealth Trust, Healthcare Directives, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Incapacity Planning, Inheritance Planning, Legacy Planning, Legacy Wealth Plan, Living Wills, Planning for Minor Children, Powers of Attorney, Probate, Revocable Living Trust, Taxes, Trusts, Wills

   Most estate planning lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors in the field of traditional estate planning are taught only two things: protect the clients’ material wealth from the evils of probate and taxes.  Now let...

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